Monday, 6 May 2013

Is There A Proper Age For Breast Implants And Lifts?

Contrary to common beliefs, the breast surgery industry includes more than just implants. It also includes breast reduction, lifting and reconstruction. The last couple of years have come up with very good news for breast lift women over 50 who want to make their chest area look better. In many cases for women in this age group, they want to have the same breasts (in size or shape) as in their younger years, also known as the “before children” years (BC), rather than have bigger breasts.


There are a lot of women out there who are wondering if older women should get implants. You should know that it is nothing wrong with this and even if the girls in their 20s or 30s get more attention, implants in older women is not very uncommon. According to some statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2005), almost forty nine percent of the women who go for breast augmentation are more than 35 years and approximately ten percent of these are a breast lift in women over 50. In fact, 75 percent of the breast lifts and 59 percent of breast reductions are performed on women who celebrated their 35th birthday some time ago.

As you can see, everyone is doing it. Thus, if you want to perform a similar surgery without everyone knowing about it, here is what you should know. 

1. Breast intervention is an artistic act that requires a lot of experience. 
2. What comes out of this procedure depends on the surgeon that performs the operation and differs from professional to professional. 
3. There is not a standard choice of implants, cuts or placements. 
4. Every woman has to have a personalized exam because each person is unique and has different needs. 
5. In life things naturally go in different directions so you should really pay attention to this if you surgeon gives you this advice and you want a natural look. 
6. Spend time with the doctor that takes care of you before you go in for the surgery. They will let you know exactly what you can expect.
7. Look for a doctor that is certified, and check their credentials. He or she will have the proper knowledge and experience to achieve the best results for you. 


Increasing the size of the breast isn’t the only thing that a woman has to think about in most cases. They also have to consider shapes and sizes, and in some cases lifting is necessary. For this, the elevation of the nipple and areola is required. This is done with a cut around the areola, in accordance with the degree of sagging the breasts have. Don’t think that in these situations the nipple is removed or replaced with another because it is not true, it is simply moved. Those in need 

Choose well
Whatever you choose, make sure that you go to a doctor that it experienced in this field and knows how to handle things. This should also include providing you with a customized plan that will ensure the best results in your case.